My name is Joeseph Simon and Lure of the Unknown is my music project. I create music for you to imagine to. A theater for your mind and ear to escape to. My goal is to interact with your imagination and other senses.

I have been fortunate enough to have music play an important part in my life.

I have curated lots of concerts. I am a graphic designer for A to Z Audio Services, Inc (a music manufacturer). I have managed a number of bands and interviewed many more bands for various forms of media. I’ve even released music from really cool musicians, worked in record stores, been a DJ among other things. It’s hard to believe that I have not, until Lure of the Unknown, formed a music project.

That is not to say that I haven’t created music in the past. I have! Outside of jamming with friends and various home recordings, life often got in the way. Doing all these other music-related activities along with other creative adventures delayed many different plans. Lure of the Unknown changed that. A number of people and events helped bring Lure of the Unknown to reality. I’d like to mention them and thank them here:


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Robert Banks Jr.

Robert Banks, Jr., the internationally known independent filmmaker helped with one of my first music festivals (the Without Fear Concert Series). The two of us have jammed together and have had many interesting creative adventures together. Watching Robert self-finance the majority of his great films. Seeing the dedication that Rob puts into every aspect of each film, including the film’s sound, helped me re-evaluate what I wanted to do with my music while encouraging my enthusiasm for film scores and soundtracks.


On location with Robert Banks recording
analog tracks in the Summer of 1993.

Rob and I worked periodically on a variety of creative adventures throughout the decades. Each time is a learning experience.

Rob is also a musician. He performed as part of the Without Fear Concert Series. From one of these shows, I released a track of Roberts (project known as Planet on the Prowl) on the Hungarian “Specimen” compilation. Robert and I also recorded unreleased improvised material that may see the light of day in the future.

I was also fortunate enough to turn the Without Fear Concert Series into Without Fear Recordings. It was my honor to released music from Halim El-Dabh, the Billy Tipton Memorial Saxophone Quartet, Pointless Orchestra, and others. When handling music created by Grammy-winning talents and world-renown composers, you learn quite a lot!

I would later meet David Greathouse (who is known for being on Face Off TV show and his well-crafted makeup and special effects for many Hollywood films.). David dropped by one day and we recorded both of us performing on my theremin for a haunted house documentary he was making. I have yet to see the documentary to see if my sounds were used, but it did draw me closer to being interested in creating soundscapes and film scores.


Floppy Kick image
Floppy Kick Records

I created a compilation for a record label from Hungary, Floppy Kick. This label was pretty different in that it releases music on a floppy diskette. I invited a wide variety of experimental bands from the Cleveland area to be part of it. It includes the track by Robert Banks that mentioned above. This release was titled Specimen. Including Robert under the name Planet on the Prowl in addition to fourteen other bands were on the compilation. One of those bands was Lure of the Unknown. Eternal Scream Trapped in a Grain of Sand was the title of my track and that track was Lure of the Unknown’s debut.


Brian John Mitchell, who runs Silber Music heard my track on Specimen and invited me to take part in 5in5, a long-running series that Brian releases through Silber. 5in5 is where musicians are invited to release five songs that all together total five minutes. I decided to take that challenge one step further. Each track title is a microstory (a story told in 6 words) and each track is also a score for that microstory. That release, Day of Endings, became Lure of the Unknown’s first EP.


Mike Textbeak

In addition to the Without Fear Concert Series, I also co-curated Decay in Response with Mike Textbeak. Much like Without Fear, we would bring in bands to Cleveland from the local, regional, national and international music scene. Much like working with Robert Banks, I learned a lot working with Mike. The value of being true to your music is one of many things learned.

Textbeak would release his Cleopatra debut album “Sick for Songs A Season Eats“. That release features producer John Fryer ( who also performs on the release) along with guest musicians Mark Stewart (The Pop Group / The Maffia), Janine Rainforth (Maximum Joy), Peter Hope (Hoodoo Talk), Yvette Winkler (Vaselyne), Searmanus, Bestial Mouths, Tim Smith (Man 009 / Lestat), Android (Missile Command), Cyanotic, Gwen Thomas and others.


In fact, the last track is called The (W)hole. This track features guests Jeff Central (10-Speed Guillotine) with Robert Disaro and Lure of the Unknown sharing vocal, lyrics, and vocal manipulations.

My guest spot on Textbeaks release and Day of Endings would help prepare me for my upcoming release: Dreaming of Seeing the Future Blindly. This audiobook collection features three scores for three short stories read by Avant-Garde singer / Attrition and Rosetti’s Compass guest vocalist Tylean, an avant-garde singer from the U.K.


Sean Hølt

On March 5th, 2021, Sean Hølt released his 13th release, “Mastic Woods” on Bandcamp featuring five tracks, two of which (‘Rust’ and ‘Soil’) were created in collaboration with Lure of the Unknown.

Dark foreboding electronics for your already hesitant dusk walk because YOU can’t resist going into the unknown!



Sean has been creating engaging analog drone and mayhem while building his arsenal of music weaponry and audio tactics for many years now. While increasing his solo material, Sean has also been in Black Loom and Black Gallows, signed to Hexx 9. Sean’s adventurous outdoors spirit is married to the spirit found in music which I think is inspiring.


Upcoming music includes a film score codenamed Frank and a collaboration with an award winning poet from South Africa.