There will be a follow up release to Day of Endings. It is said you can’t have an ending, without a new beginning. In respect to that, Day of Beginnings will be the follow up. You can expect more microstory track titles and scores to said titles and plans for a very special physical release are being made. Sign up to the mailing list to keep up to date! This special will be the first physical release for Lure of the Unknown.

I started working on this piece before Floppy Kick invited me to curate Specimen. I more than happy to add to the compilation.

My first pro piece of equipment was the Korg DDS 1. An early sampler. A behemoth of a sampler. Big and heavy. I took a bus and walked quite a long way to get home. Lugging that the whole way back was incredibly difficult!

I love the real time editing of the Moog and decided to use the” not so real-time”/ rather limited editing abilities of the Korg in real-time. I loaded a sampler, started messing with delay and other editing parameters and locked into a a groove which is captured on this track.

When I started it, I knew I was using a retro sampler. At the time, though, I did not realize it would be released on a retro medium when it was released on Specimen 🙂


Specimen cover art

Cleveland is well regarded for many interesting things, including it’s experimental music scene. Many of performers on Specimen are well known experimentalists. When Floppy Kick invited me to curate Specimen, I was honored to include the Cleveland musicians that are featured on the release.

Floppy Kick is an Hungarian label that focuses on releasing music on floppy diskette.

The floppy diskette format is a lo-fidelity kind of format. It has limitations. Considerable limitations when you look at today’s technology. That created a challenge and I love challenges. Many of the performers participated in Decay in Response, the concert series that Mike Textbeak and I curated. And from that group of performers I proceed to invite others into the mix.

I created the cover. At one point I wanted to be a scientist. While I do engage in citizen science activities, my life didn’t go down the path of being a scientist. The idea of taking a specimen of the Cleveland experimental scene interested me and the combination of science and music reminded me of the enthusiasm that my scientist friend, Carolyn Marks, has for both. With that inspiration, the cover was born.

It was this release that led to Silber Media inviting me to participate in their 5 in 5 series and creating Day of Endings.

Kai Nobukoi wrote a very comprehensive review of Specimen. Read it here.


I was unaware of the other contributors. Armed with the basic recording that Textbeak created, I added layers and layers of processed and manipulated vocals based on lyrics that I wrote for the piece. Textbeak and John Fryer would later incorporate what I did into a much larger track including the other guests contributions. The vocals on the second part of the track are mine.

Each individual track or the release as a whole (pun intended) is worth checking out. If you orient yourself to one specific genre, get ready to be disoriented. Textbeak take inspiration from Industrial, Goth, Witch House, EBM, Noise, Funk, Post Everything and a whole lot more and blends them together to create something new.

For the fans of John Fryer, Mark Stewart, Peter Hope, Bestial Mouths, and the others….this is where you really get to see them in a new environment, stretching their musical reach and transforming their sound into something new.

That, to me, is exciting. To see creativity pushed to new horizons. That is, in essence, what this release is. With talent like those on this release, that is something to look forward to.