Lure of the Unknown debuts on Hungarian label, Floppy Kick.


Every band has an interesting origin story. Lure of the Unknown’s first release is found on one track on a compilation release from an Hungarian label, Floppy Kick, featuring experimental musicians from Northeast, Ohio, on a 3.5 floppy diskette.

My track, ‘Eternal Scream Trapped in a Grain of Sand’, combines various ideas from experimental music, film scores, techno, and noise together to create an odd collage to represent the title.

Specimen, the floppy diskette compilation that ‘Eternal Scream Trapped in a Grain of Sand’ was released on is currently sold out.

In addition to Lure of the Unknown, Specimen features the music of Witchbeam, Jeremy Bible, Fascist Insect, glacial23, Planet on the Prowl, HolyKindOf, WhorlWeaver, Darin Sullivan, Rot Ton Bone, narrowdeep, Man 009, Jason Rodriquez, Cellophane Orchestra,  and Violent Apparatus.

‘Eternal Scream Trapped in a Grain of Sand’ is available on Bandcamp.

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